Happy New Year, My Friends.


I know I haven’t posted as much as I would like recently but I’m still extremely thankful to all of my followers on here who have supported me and have liked my work. It truly means a lot. This past year has been really good to me. I have come so far, mentally. I’m not quite where I want to be but who knows if I’ll ever get there. If I’ll ever be 100% happy. But no matter what I’ll still keep on keepin’ on.

I hope 2018 brings you all nothing but great new adventures and happiness.



Grocery Cart.

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I’m empty inside

But I still get used

I’m empty inside

But I still get pushed around

I’m empty inside

But people still expect things from me

I’m empty inside

But I’m expected to be full

Sometimes I’m not empty inside

Sometimes I’m filled to the brim

Only to be emptied out again

If I Could Dream, I’d Be Better Now.

It’s the weight on your chest

That has no mercy

It’s me, lying in bed.

“Deep, slow breaths” they say

But it feels like I’m close to being braindead

Wait, what did you say?

Oh, just try and lay;




Funny kind of thought

Want my body to be still

But my brain is fighting for the whole lot

It’s an unhinged lot

Filled with shadows that are creeping

Dirty rodents that can’t be caught

I can never just be dreaming

If I could dream,

I would breathe freely

I would act more like a river stream

flowing so carelessly

Life’s definition is regret

Never met a person who says otherwise

Life is like playing Russian Roulette,

Just praying to cut those ties

You see me,

But can you see?

You’re blind to what I’m facing