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I’m empty inside

But I still get used

I’m empty inside

But I still get pushed around

I’m empty inside

But people still expect things from me

I’m empty inside

But I’m expected to be full

Sometimes I’m not empty inside

Sometimes I’m filled to the brim

Only to be emptied out again

If I Could Dream, I’d Be Better Now.

It’s the weight on your chest

That has no mercy

It’s me, lying in bed.

“Deep, slow breaths” they say

But it feels like I’m close to being braindead

Wait, what did you say?

Oh, just try and lay;




Funny kind of thought

Want my body to be still

But my brain is fighting for the whole lot

It’s an unhinged lot

Filled with shadows that are creeping

Dirty rodents that can’t be caught

I can never just be dreaming

If I could dream,

I would breathe freely

I would act more like a river stream

flowing so carelessly

Life’s definition is regret

Never met a person who says otherwise

Life is like playing Russian Roulette,

Just praying to cut those ties

You see me,

But can you see?

You’re blind to what I’m facing


Rent To Own.

My mind is a house

My body is just a tenant

The owner, depression

The owner is smart

The kind of smart that owns multiple houses and rents them all out

To get money

To survive off of you

The house is repelling

It needs updated

It’s lacking charm

It’s lacking the open floor plan so many desire in a house

The paint that was once as welcoming as the sun,

Is now faded

And dull

The Merciless books 1 & 2 Review.

Let’s start with the first book of this series.

The Merciless.

4 stars out of 5.

Forgive us, Father, for we have sinned.

First off, I’m a huge fan of horror books so I was extremely excited to read this book. I will say that I agree with a lot of the reviews for this book when they say that it’s like ‘Mean Girls’ meets ‘The Exorcist’ because it’s spot on.

It all starts with Sofia being the new girl in school due to her mom being in the military so she moves around quite a bit. Sofia is not the best at making friends. On her first day three girls; Riley, Alexis, & Grace, quickly befriend Sofia. Like, super quick. I wish it really were that easy to make friends. Anyways, these three girls are super religious. To the point where they take communion on a daily basis. Sofia also befriends a girl named Brooklyn. Only problem with that is, Riley isn’t fond of Brooklyn. Riley claims that Brooklyn is possessed by the Devil. And very quickly, Sofia finds herself in the middle of an exorcism being done on Brooklyn by Riley and her two little minions. But who of these girls can she really trust?

This book had a pretty fast pace which I liked because if a book doesn’t grab my attention by the second chapter then I’m tossing it. But that definitely wasn’t the case with this book. This is a horror book through and through. Lot’s of creepy stuff, lot’s of gore, and some pretty messed up characters. Danielle Vega doesn’t hold back when it comes to being very descriptive. Some parts had me literally cringing. This book isn’t for people who aren’t fans of gore and straight up sadistic stuff. Although this is a good book, I really wouldn’t call it great. Only because there were some parts in the book where after finishing it I thought, “what was the point of some of those parts?” So there are some fillers. But overall I definitely recommend this book if you’re into some weird, scary stuff.


The Merciless II.

3.5 stars out of 5.

Honestly, I was kind of disappointed with this book. From the description of it I was super stoked because Sofia ends up getting sent to a Catholic Boarding School due to her Mother’s unfortunate death so I thought it was going to be super creepy but, it really wasn’t.  The book description said that there was going to be an exorcism performed on Sofia but there wasn’t. That whole “exorcism” part was just straight up torture. Which I mean, that was cool and all but I’m like 95% sure that’s not how correct exorcisms are performed.

The supporting characters in this book were way more interesting than Sofia. I wanted to know more about Jude and his struggles. Hell, Father Marcus was more interesting than Sofia.

But I will say… the ending really made up for the rest of the book. Plot twist for sure. Which who doesn’t love a nice plot twist. So, I will give Vega props for that.

I’m curious to see how the third book will pan out. So I will get to readin’ that one now and get back to you guys with a review.


Have you read these books? Drop a comment and we can discuss it! There’s nothing better than a good book convo.