Still Searching.

I’m still learning things. I’m still searching for things.

But the greatest thing I have found so far is, is that it’s okay to say you’ve had hard times.

For years I would tell myself, “I’m fine. I have a loving family, a roof over my head, food on the table, a decent amount of friends. My life is good.” 

I told myself that others had it way worse than me. But I have realized that we should never compare suffering. Everyone suffers with something. And one is never worse than the other. If that makes any sense. I think I started doing a lot better when I told myself, “hey, I’ve been through some tough stuff. I didn’t have an awful life but it wasn’t perfect either.”

And it’s okay to do that. For so long I denied all my problems because I felt like I didn’t deserve to complain, I guess. I refused to use my hard times in life as a crutch. Because I feel like a lot of people do that. But I also feel like making ourselves toughen up is the American way. We can’t win when you think about it. 

I don’t wallow in my own self pity though. Recognize that you have had hard times and take pride that you have gotten through it. Don’t wallow.

I get people who tell me that I’m really strong and brave and I immediately say, “thanks but, I’m not.” Because there are thousands of people who are more brave, more stronger than me. But, I am brave in my own way.


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