Happy Anniversary, California.

(first picture I took of the beautiful scenery in California)


*Now Playing- California by Joni Mitchell*

Happy One Year Anniversary, California. This past year has been one of the best years of my life. You’ve treated me so good and welcomed my troubled soul with arms wide open.

It’s true when people say that once you move to California you never leave. It changes you. And you surely have changed me. You’re impeccable sunshine has brought an almost permanent smile to my face. Your beautiful scenery here in Northern California is breath taking. I’ve never been around nicer people in my life either. Living here for a year has made me realize that most people in Ohio are extremely rude and grumpy all the time. But, where I used to live has one of the highest heroin rates in the country so I guess it’s understandable.

Ohio will always be my home in a way but you are also my home, in different ways. In almost better ways. When I think of California I instantly think of happiness. Because you have brought me so much of it over the past year. You have helped me let go of things from my past that I have no control over. You have helped me become my own person. You have helped me find who I am.

Not only have you brought so much happiness to me, you have also brought so much joy to my husband as well. I haven’t seen him this happy since the birth of our daughter. So thank you. Thank you for giving him all of the opportunities that you have so far.

Also, treat my daughter good. I don’t know how long we will stay living here but for as long as we are here, treat her as well as you have treated my husband and I.

Here’s to many more years of happiness.



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